Prof. Dr. Afonso Bandeira
Professur fur Mathematik
HG G 23.1
Ramistrasse 101
8092 Zurich

Afonso S. Bandeira
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  • Students already at ETHZ: I try to hold office hours regularly; the schedule is on the calendar on my main page. Stop by if you want to chat, including about semester papers, Master/Bachelor thesis advising, or other research opportunities. When they are over videocall, you can find the link in the forum or email me for it. Feel free to also email me if you are interested in doing a project/paper/thesis.
    • Link with more information about possible projects, and who to contact if interested (only available to ETH students).
    • Students who wish to do a project/paper/thesis in my group are expected to have successfully completed either  401-2684-00L Mathematics of Machine Learning or 401-4944-20L Mathematics of Data Science.
    • You can read through my recent papers to see if my current research interest are a good fit. If so, consider making a list a questions to ask me.
    • Here is a list of classes I teach and seminars I organize at ETH, some of these might be of interest to you.
  • Info for Prospective Students:
    • Apply directly to the Zurich Graduate School of Mathematics ZGSM for a position in the Department of Mathematics (several deadlines a year)
    • to the Center for Learning Systems (CLS) for the CLS program
    • to the ETH AI Center Doctoral Fellowship (ETH AI Center) for positions at the AI Center. 

    In any case, feel free to mention me as a potential advisor. You are welcome to also email me to let me know you applied (unfortunately, I cannot reply to all emails I receive; I do however try to reply to every email that ask me specific research questions).

  • For Postdoctoral and other positions: Consider applying for one of these positions, feel free to write me to let me know you applied (unfortunately, I cannot reply to all emails I receive; if you do write me though and want to tell me about your research, consider sending me a link to a video of a talk you have given recently):