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Team members

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Carlotto

Alessandro Carlotto
name:Prof. Dr. Alessandro Carlotto
Alessandro Carlotto serves as Principal Investigator for the ERC project CHANGE. A proud alumnus of the Scuola Normale Superiore, he obtained his PhD from Stanford University in 2014 defending a thesis entitled Rigidity and flexibility phenomena in general relativity, written under the direction of Richard Schoen. He was then a postdoc in the group of André Neves in London, and a Junior Fellow at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies, before joining the faculty of the department of Mathematics of ETH. Among several visiting positions, he was a member of the IAS in Princeton for the special year 2018-2019, devoted to Variational Methods in Geometry. See here for biographical information and career highlights, instead follow this link for an interview.

Here is also a video presenting Alessandro and his work on the occasion of the conferral of the Latsis Prize 2022: videoclip

Dr. David Wiygul

David Wiygul
name:Dr. David Wiygul
David Wiygul received his PhD from Brown University under the direction of Nicos Kapouleas, defending a thesis entitled Doubling constructions with asymmetric sides. Since then he has obtained several significant results, including - jointly with Kapouleas - a strikingly simple, closed formula for the Morse index of Lawson surfaces in the three-dimensional sphere and a proof the uniqueness of such surfaces given their topology and symmetry group. He has been a postdoc in this project since September 1st, 2021.

Giada Franz

Giada Franz
name:Giada Franz mailto:
Giada Franz started her PhD studies at ETH Zürich in September 2018 after having obtained her Laurea Specialistica in Mathematics from Università di Pisa, and the Diploma di Licenza from the Scuola Normale Superiore. She has joined this ERC project in September 2021. She will defend her thesis entitled Contributions to the theory of free boundary minimal surfaces in June 2022, before joining the faculty of MIT as CLE Moore Instructor.

External Collaborators

Prof. Dr. Chao Li

Home institution: New York University - Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Chao Li
name:Prof. Dr. Chao Li

Dr. Mario B. Schulz

Home institution: Universität Münster

Mario B. Schulz
name:Dr. Mario Schulz

Santiago Cordero-Misteli

Home institution: SUNY Stony Brook

Santiago Cordero-Misteli
name:Santiago Cordero-Misteli