Last Update: June 15th, 2021




Junior Symplectic Geometry (Virtual) Seminar Schedule



Spring 2021


Time: Mondays, 4:15pm-5:30pm (Zürich time/CEST)

Place: Zoom Meeting Room

The meeting room opens at 4:05pm and closes at 5:30pm.


Structure of the seminar: Each seminar will consist of two 25min talks given by each speaker with a 10min break in between. The speakers of the seminar will introduce one (and in some days two distinct) concept(s) along with several related examples in symplectic/contact geometry/topology that they have been studying closely and/or lately. Masters and PhD students are particularly encouraged to join!


Please feel free to forward it to others potentially interested!


Organizers: Bahar Acu, Valentin Bosshard, Patricia Dietzsch, Alessio Pellegrini, and Jagna Wisniewska



Upcoming Talk


This seminar has ended for the semester.


Full Schedule

May 3, 2021, Monday




May 10, 2021, Monday




May 17, 2021, Monday


May 24, 2021, Monday




May 31, 2021, Monday



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June 7, 2021, Monday




June 14, 2021, Monday







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