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Photography © Denise Künzli
August 2021

Denise Künzli

I am a Coordinator at ETH Zurich, working for Prof. Beatrice Acciaio, Prof. Dylan Possamaï and Prof. Josef Teichmann at the Department of Mathematics. Within the Department, I am part of the Stochastic Finance Group.
I am managing projects, looking after guests, budgeting finances, organising conferences, and generally managing the offices of the three professors.

In addition, I am the Administrative Director of the Bachelier Finance Society, an organization in mathematical finance where academia and practitioners have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

I also used to work for Prof. Halil Mete Soner until he retired.


Denise Künzli
ETH Zürich
Department of Mathematics
HG G 32.3
Rämistrasse 101
CH-8092 Zürich

phone +41 44 632 64 65
fax +41 44 632 14 74
skype: dkuenzli_ethz

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