PD Dr. Erich Walter Farkas

Lecture in Summer Term 2004

Spectral Theory for Unbounded Operators

Lectures: Wed. 14-18, room E39, each two weeks
Starting date: 21. April 2004.
The other lectures: 5. Mai, 19. Mai, 2. June, 16. June, 30. June.
Last lecture Thu. 15. July, 12-14, room E40

Motivation: This lecture can be regarded as a second part of the lecture Functional Analysis (from the previous semester).
Moreover, our intention is to complement with backgroud material the lecture
"Mathematical Methods in Physics: Quantum Mechanics"

Content: The following topics will be covered:
  1. Unbounded Operators
  2. The energy space, Friedrichs' extension
  3. Spectra of self adjoint operators
  4. Spectral families and spectral operators
  5. Fundamental theorem of the spectral theory
  6. Operators with a pure point spectrum
If requested, an exercise session can be organized.

Literature: M. Reed, B. Simon: Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics, Vol I: Functional Analysis;
Vol II: Fourier Analysis, Self-Adjointness; Orlando, Academic Press, 1980.

For: Students in the International Master Program;
Students of mathematics and physics after the fifth semester.

Prerequisites: A first course in functional analysis is welcome, but not mandatory.
Introductory courses in analysis and linear algebra.

Certificate (Schein): 1/2 - Gilt für Diplomhauptprüfung (AM); Hauptprüfung für das Lehramt an Gymnasien.

Office hours: PD Dr. E.W. Farkas: appointment should be arranged after the lectures


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