• Partitioning Hypergraphs is Hard: Models, Inapproximability, and Applications
    with P. A. Papp, A. N. Yzelman

  • A Simple Combinatorial Algorithm for Robust Matroid Center
    with L. Vargas Koch, R. Zenklusen
    SOSA 2023

  • Techniques for Generalized Colorful k-Center Problems
    with L. Vargas Koch, R. Zenklusen
    ESA 2022

  • Simpler and Stronger Approaches for Non-Uniform Hypergraph Matching and the Füredi, Kahn, and Seymour Conjecture
    with H. Angelidakis, R. Zenklusen
    [arXiv] [SOSA talk]
    SOSA 2021

  • A Technique for Obtaining True Approximations for k-Center with Covering Constraints
    with H. Angelidakis, A. Kurpisz, R. Zenklusen
    [arXiv] [IPCO talk] [poster]
    IPCO 2020, Mathematical Programming 2021