Federico Glaudo

About me

I am a PhD student in mathematics under the supervision of Professor Alessio Figalli at ETH Zurich.

I am interested in the field of analysis in a rather broad sense: from differential geometry, to probability, going through partial differential equations. Currently I am working on the stability of functional/geometric inequalities and on the properties of the free-boundary in the classical obstacle problem. See my publications for details on what I have worked on.

As a hobby, I enjoy taking part in programming competitions and I have managed to take part in the finals of the most important contests all over the world (IOI, Google Code Jam, ICPC).

Curriculum Vitae

Here is my full CV.

Contact information

Postal address

ETH Zurich Federico Glaudo Department of Mathematics Group 6 HG F 27.1 Rämistrasse 101 8092 Zurich Switzerland

Contact data

+41 44 632 5859 https://people.math.ethz.ch/~glaudof