Selected Preprints

    Below is a list of selected preprints of mine. Any preprint can be viewed by clicking the corresponding link.

  1. Functional analytic methods for discrete approximation of subwavelength resonator systems (with B. Davies and E.O. Hiltunen).
  2. Spectral convergence of defect modes in large finite resonator arrays (with B. Davies and E.O. Hiltunen).
  3. Anderson localization in the subwavelength regime (with B. Davies and E.O. Hiltunen).
  4. A mathematical theory of super-resolution and diffraction limit (with P. Liu).
  5. Super-resolution of positive near-colliding point sources (with P. Liu).
  6. A mathematical theory of resolution limits for super-resolution of positive sources (with P. Liu and Y. He).
  7. Fano resonances in all-dielectric electromagnetic metasurfaces (with B. Li, H. Li, and J. Zou).
  8. Edge modes in subwavelength resonators in one dimension (with S. Barandun, J. Cao, and F. Feppon).
  9. Subwavelength resonant acoustic scattering in fast time-modulated media (with F. Feppon).
  10. Mathematical foundation of sparsity-based multi-illumination super-resolution (with P. Liu, S. Yu, O. Sabet, and L. Pelkmans).
  11. Edge modes in active systems of subwavelength resonators (with E.O. Hiltunen).
  12. Quantum ergodicity and localization of plasmon resonances. (with Y.T. Chow and H. Liu).