Selected Preprints

    Below is a list of selected preprints of mine. Any preprint can be viewed by clicking the corresponding link.

  1. Spectra and pseudo-spectra of tridiagonal k-Toeplitz matrices and the topological origin of the non-Hermitian skin effect (with S. Barandun, Y. De Bruijn, P. Liu, and C. Thalhammer).
  2. Exponentially localised interface eigenmodes in finite chains of resonators (with S. Barandun, B. Davies, E.O. Hiltunen, T. Kosche, and P. Liu).
  3. A two-scale effective model for defect-induced localization transitions in non-Hermitian systems (with B. Davies, S. Barandun, E.O. Hiltunen, and R.V. Craster).
  4. The non-Hermitian skin effect with three-dimensional long-range coupling (with S. Barandun, J. Cao, B. Davies, E.O. Hiltunen, and P. Liu).
  5. Perturbed Block Toeplitz matrices and the non-Hermitian skin effect in dimer systems of subwavelength resonators (with S. Barandun and P. Liu).
  6. Spectral convergence in large finite resonator arrays: the essential spectrum and band structure (with B. Davies and E.O. Hiltunen).
  7. A mathematical theory of resolution limits for super-resolution of positive sources (with P. Liu and Y. He).
  8. Edge modes in active systems of subwavelength resonators (with E.O. Hiltunen).