Dr. Ralf Hiptmair: Teaching


Outlook on Teaching

Teaching in mathematics has to provide a sound and comprehensive foundation in terms of mathematical theory and methods. Based on profound knowledge of theory, the students must be confronted with real applications as soon as possible. This will enhance their motivation. Moreover, it is the only way to hone advanced problem solving skills. The best way to get applications into the students' focus is through practical courses that center around an area of application of mathematics and involve computer based projects.

Moreover, software design is too little appreciated as an essential part of a practical mathematician's job. Thus education in numerical analysis also has to address issues of programming and software engineering in scientific computing, because knowledge about data structures, programming languages and techniques of software engineering is indispensable for a modern industrial mathematician.

Courses taught at ETH in the past

Courses and seminars in HS 10:

Courses and seminars in SS 10:

Courses and seminars in HS 09:

Courses and seminars in FS 09:

Courses and seminars in HS 08:

Courses and seminars in FS 08:

Numerische Mathematik, Course number 401-2654-00L, Mo 9-10 (HG F 3), Mi 1-3 (HG D1.1)

Courses and seminars in HS 07:

From August 15, 2007 through February 15, 2007 I am on sabbatical at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My local host there is Prof. Zou Jun.

There I am teaching numerical analysis in the undergraduate curriculum, and a graduate course on boundary element methods.

Courses and seminars in SS 07:

Courses and seminars in WS 06/07:

Courses and seminars in SS 06:

Courses and seminars in WS 05/06:

Courses and seminars in SS 05:

Courses and seminars in WS 04/05:

Courses and seminars in SS 04:

Courses and seminars in WS 03/04:

Earlier teaching activities

WT 93/94 : Supervision of diploma thesis of T. Schiekofer on ``Multilevel method for augmented Lagrangian mixed discretization of elliptic problems'' (at TUM)
WT 95/96 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Numerical programming'' (in German) (University of Augsburg)
WT 96/97 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Theory and numerical treatment of Maxwell's equations'' (in German) (University of Augsburg)
WT 97/98 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Boundary elements'' (in English) at University of Augsburge)
ST 98 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Sparse grids'' (in English) at the University of Augsburg
08/98 : Lecturer at the 8th Jyväskylä International Summer School, Course (15 hours) on ``Numerical solution of eddy current problems'', University of Jyväskylä, Finland
since 09/98 : Comissioned as a lecturer by the Department of Mathematics, University of Tübingen
WT 98/99 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Computational electromagnetism'' (in English) at University of Tübingen
WT 00/01 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Boundary element methods'' (in English) at the University of Tübingen
05/01 : Lecturer at the ``Advanced Summer School on Computational Electromagnetism and Multigrid'' at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. Two week course (40h) on ``Finite Elements in Computational Electromagnetism''.
ST 02 : Regular course (Vorlesung) on ``Berechnung elektromagnetischer Felder'' (in German) at Universität Bonn

In addition, I took care of tutorials for courses in numerical analysis (beginner, intermediate and advanced level), dynamical stochastic programming, a-posteriori error estimators, and of several seminaries on domain decomposition, wavelets, adaptive multilevel methods, iterative methods for systems of equations.

Supervision of Theses

Ralf Hiptmair, 9.9.2002