The program will consist of three minicourses of 5h30 each plus six 1h additional talks.

The lectures will take place at the Holzlaube of the FU (Room 2.2058, Fabeckstrasse 23-25, 14195 Berlin)

The abstracts are available here and the schedule here.


Joseph Ayoub (Universität Zürich) — Triangulated categories of motives and the Kontsevich-Zagier conjecture

Clément Dupont (Université de Montpellier) — Mixed Tate motives and multiple zeta values

Peter Jossen (ETH Zürich) — Exponential motives and exponential periods

Additional talks

Ishai Dan-Cohen (Ben Gurion University) — Progress on rational motivic path spaces

Martin Gallauer (UCLA) — Motivic Galois groups in characteristic 0

Tiago Jardim da Fonseca (Orsay) — Higher Ramanujan equations and periods of abelian varieties

Nils Matthes (MPIM Bonn) — Twisted elliptic multiple zeta values

Erik Panzer (Oxford) — The Galois coaction on φ4 periods

Sinan Ünver (Koç University) — Iterated sum series and p-adic multiple zeta values