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Upcoming Xth edition of the Freiburg-Wien-Zürich (FWZ) Seminar in form of a workshop in Strobl at Wolfgangsee, see the scheduled program.

The FWZ seminar is an old-style seminar taking place in Freiburg, Vienna or Zürich each four months (in average) full of blackboard talk discussions to present new proofs, concepts, ideas, papers, ... but without fixed schedule. So far we met at 30.6.2015 (Zürich), 28.-29.10.2015 (Freiburg), 16.-18.12.2015 (Vienna), 23.2.2016 (Freiburg), 18.-19.5.2016 (Vienna), 30.11.-2.12.2016 (Freiburg), 10.-11.4.2017 (Zürich), 18.-19.9.2017 (Vienna), 15.-16.3.2018 (Zürich), 1.-4.7.2018 (Strobl at Wolfgangsee) to meander by discussions, presentations, ideas around the following focus areas below provided with some hopefully inspiring references (which have triggered or will trigger discussions):