Prof. em. Max-Albert Knus

Prof. M.-A. Knus Cover of the Book of Involutions

Department of Mathematics
CH 8092 Zurich
Home Address:
Berglistr. 1
CH-8703 Erlenbach



The Book of Involutions


An old unpublished paper by Maria Saliani: On the stability of the unitary group pdf (605 KB)

Lecture notes:
Geometrie-Vorlesung im WS 2001/2002 (Skript)
Quadratic forms, Clifford algebras and Spinors, Lecture notes, 136 pages, Seminars in Mathematics 1, Campinas, 1988 pdf (924KB)
R. Sridharan, 2-Torsion in Brauer Groups: A Theorem of Merkurjev, Nachdiplomvorlesung, WS 1984/85, 111 pages pdf (1070KB)

Dolphins in Patmos video (138MB)

Swiss Mathematical Society

Swiss National Science Foundation

Fondation du Sanatorium Universitaire

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