Trace functions and their applications

January 13 to 18, 2019


E. Kowalski
ETH Zürich

Ph. Michel
EPF Lausanne

We are organizing a Winter School at the Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF) of ETH Zürich in Monte Verità, on
Trace functions over finite fields and their applications in analytic number theory This school is primarily intended for PhD students, with some space available for recent PhDs. The number of participants is limited to 45.

Registration proceeds as follows: Lecturers

T. Browning IST Austria Diophantine applications of exponential sums
E. Kowalski ETH Zürich Trace functions: definitions, examples and basic formalism
Ph. Michel EPF Lausanne Applications of trace functions in analytic number theory
L. Pierce Duke University Short character sums
W. Sawin Columbia University Trace functions beyond the basic formalism

The abstracts of the minicourses and the preliminary schedule are now available.

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