I sometimes write or collect texts that are inspired or adapted from my favorite writers, including Borges, Faulkner and Wodehouse. Here are some of them.
Review of "Der Beweis" and Review of "La preuve" Two unpublished book reviews by J. L. Borges.
Tante Dynamite A French adaptation of Wodehouse"s "Uncle Dynamite", featuring the famous Earl of Ickenham, who has become the irrepressible Tante Frédérique, comtesse de Fiquefleur.
Jacques Ménard, author of Nicolas Bourbaki This is an homage to "Pierre Ménard, author of the Quixote".
Jeeves and the PhD An original Jeeves and Wooster story.
De la banane dans le Bourgogne (featuring N. Bourbaki), Schlomo Cohen contre les maîtres criminels, and Le traducteur subreptice The (almost) complete adventures of Schlomo Cohen, the mathematician-detective.
La sentinelle My version of a classic tale.

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