Hans Rudolf Künsch

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Short cv:

1980 PhD ETH Zurich (Advisor: Hans Föllmer)
1983 - 2014 Professor at the Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich
1998-2000 Co-editor of the
Annals of Statistics
2007-2009 Chair, Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich
August 2011 - July 2014 President-elect/President/Past President of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

A somewhat longer cv is here.

I retired officially in summer 2014, although I hope to continue my scientific activities.
On November 12, 2014 I gave my farewell lecture (in German) with the title "Welch ein Zufall !" ("What a coincidence !"). A recording is available at the Multimedia Portal of ETH and the text is here.

Please note that I do not take new PhD students and I do not have opportunities for internships.

Main fields of interest: