Graduate Seminar

Graduate Seminar in Probability Theory (ETH and UZH Zürich).

Spring Semester 2021

Jointly with EPFL Lausanne and Université de Fribourg.
Organisers: Matthis Lehmkühler, Jacopo Borga
Location: Zoom

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
29/03/21 Matthis Lehmkühler Catching the CLE one-arm exponent using Liouville Quantum Gravity -
12/04/21 Laurin Köhler-Schindler Crossing probabilities for planar percolation -
26/04/21 Barbara Dembin Large deviation principle for maximal flow in first passage percolation in Z^d -
03/05/21 Emilio Corso Large deviations of random walks on almost all finitely generated groups -

Autumn Semester 2020

Organisers: Matthis Lehmkühler, Daniel Contreras Salinas

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
13/10/20 Matthis Lehmkühler An Introduction to CLE -
23/10/20 Hugo Vanneuville Scaling relations in percolation -

Spring Semester 2020

Jointly with EPFL Lausanne and Université de Fribourg.
Organisers: Marcel Fenzl, Matthis Lehmkühler, Daniel Contreras Salinas, Paul Melotti, Alejandro Rivera

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
27/02/20 Baptiste Louf Local limits of high genus maps and universality Chimy’s
26/03/20 Ulrik Hansen An Introduction To Self-Avoiding Walk On the Hexagonal Lattice -
03/04/20 Jacopo Borga Scaling and local limits of Baxter permutations and bipolar orientations through coalescent-walk processes -
17/04/20 Hugo Vanneuville Studying percolation without using positive association -
24/04/20 Benedetta Cavalli A probabilistic approach to the study of the long-time behaviour of growth-fragmentation semigroups (with bounded fragmentation rates) -
29/05/20 Emilio Corso On the unreasonable effectiveness of ergodic theory in number theory -

Autumn Semester 2019

Organisers: Marcel Fenzl, Matthis Lehmkühler, Daniel Contreras Salinas

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
03/10/19 Raphael Ducatez Random products of matrices and Anderson localisation Holy Cow!
10/10/19 Benjamin Dadoun Some aspects of growth-fragmentation China Restaurant Lamky
17/10/19 Thomas Lehéricy Regular Variation Tibits
31/10/19 Jacopo Borga Almost square permutations are typically square Con Gusto
07/11/19 Maximilian Nitzschner Disconnection and entropic repulsion for the occupation-time field of random interlacements Mi Mi Sa
14/11/19 Maxim Gerspach A probabilistic survey on random multiplicative functions Metzgerhalle Oerlikon
21/11/19 Gabriele Visentin A liquidity market model SimSim
12/12/19 Laurin Köhler-Schindler Towards a general Russo-Seymour-Welsh result for models with positive association Matthis' place near Tierspital
19/12/19 Gaultier Lambert Beta-ensembles in the high temperature regime -

Spring Semester 2019

Organisers: Angelo Abächerli, Marcel Fenzl

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
14/03/19 Ellen Powell Welding LQG surfaces: the critical case Moudi’s Leckergarten
21/03/19 Yilin Wang Interplay of Loewner and Dirichlet energies Lola’s Restaurant
28/03/19 Benedetta Cavalli Asymptotic behaviour of a critical growth fragmentation equation and refracted Lévy process -
04/04/19 Matthis Lehmkühler Intersection local times and Symanzik’s field theory program Nikos
02/05/19 Jacopo Borga Square permutations are typically rectangular -

Autumn Semester 2018

Organisers: Angelo Abächerli, Marcel Fenzl

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
04/10/18 Benjamin Dadoun A growth fragmentation (with immigration) equation Salon
11/10/18 Jacopo Borga Local convergence for random permutations -
18/10/18 Daniel Contreras Salinas Static renormalization for percolation in slabs Lily’s
25/10/18 Marianna Russkikh Playing dominos in different domains La Casa
01/11/18 Avelio Sepúlveda Using imagination to compute dimensions Friends Corner
15/11/18 Yukun He Local law and mesoscopic linear statistics of random matrices Khujug
22/11/18 Marcel Fenzl Deviations for the Ginibre point process Restaurant Bahnhof Wiedikon

Spring Semester 2018

Organisers: Angelo Abächerli, Marcel Fenzl

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
01/03/18 Ellen Powell When do random sets contain a rectifiable curve? Himalaya
15/03/18 Diane Holcomb On the maximum of the Sine beta process Hot Pasta
22/03/18 Emma Hovhannisyan Precise limit theorems for lacunary sequences Dogfather
12/04/18 Atul Shekhar Smoothing of Boundary Behaviour in Planar Stochastic Evolutions Viet-Thai Restaurant
19/04/18 Maximilian Nitzschner Disconnection by GFF level sets and entropic repulsion Pizzeria Scala
26/04/18 Matija Bucić From correlation inequalities to extremal set theory and back Raja Bongo
03/05/18 Yilin Wang Interpretation of the Loewner energy of simple loops Hiltl
17/05/18 Angelo Abächerli Level-set percolation for the GFF on a certain class of d-regular graphs: subcritical case Yalla Habibi
24/05/18 Silvia Businger The shark random swim Street Food Festival

Autumn Semester 2017

Organisers: Angelo Abächerli, Marcel Fenzl

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
28/09/17 François Ged Profile of a self-similar growth-fragmentation Jaopraya Thai Restaurant
05/10/17 Silvia Businger Asymptotics of the occupancy scheme in a random environment The Alehouse
12/10/17 Ewain Gwynne Scaling limits of random planar maps Grand Café Lochergut
26/10/17 Yilin Wang Brownian loop measure and the determinant of the Laplacian Nikos
02/11/17 Titus Lupu Vertex reinforced jump process and linear self-reinforcing motion Miracle
09/11/17 Jungtaek Oh Distribution theory of Runs and Patterns with applications Hang’s Gourmet Cuisine Restaurant
16/11/17 Aran Raoufi Translation invariant Gibbs states of the Ising model Tamarind Hill
23/11/17 Maximilian Nitzschner Solidification of porous interfaces and an application to Random Interlacements Restaurant Singapore
30/11/17 Aser Cortines Peixoto The Structure of Extreme Level Sets in Branching Brownian Motion Taverna Apollo

Spring Semester 2017

Organisers: Angelo Abächerli, Marcel Fenzl

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
02/03/17 Titus Lupu Local time metric for the Gaussian free field Più
09/03/17 Angelo Abächerli Macroscopic coupling between the GFF on the torus and on Z^d Schipfe
16/03/17 Maximilian Nitzschner Functional integration for coupled Boson-Fermion systems Cheti’s
23/03/17 François Ged Moran Model with selection and UZH-ETH coalescent Moudi’s Lecker Garten
30/03/17 Marcel Fenzl Robustness of the Skorokhod embedding via BSDEs Osteria Centrale
06/04/17 Mayra Bermúdez Frozen percolation and self-organized criticality Mythos
27/04/17 Emma Hovhannisyan A limiting characteristic polynomial of GUE Saigon
04/05/17 Herry Pribawanto Suryawan White noise and some applications Tibits
11/05/17 Matthew Kwan Random designs Lucky Dumpling
18/05/17 Benjamin Dadoun Scaling limits of Markov chains and growth-fragmentations Ikoo

Autumn Semester 2016

Organisers: Angelo Abächerli, Avelio Sepúlveda

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
06/10/16 Eveliina Peltola Partitions functions in multiples SLE and something like that Les Halles
13/10/16 Brent Werness What I wish I had learned from undergraduate physic Neela
20/10/16 Bastien Mallein Directed graph made connected with infinite bin models Bar Moudi
27/10/16 Ellen Powell Critical Branching Brownian Motion Korner
10/11/16 Erich Baur Percolation on random recursive trees via Yule processes Yilin’s place at Talacherring
24/11/16 Xin Sun Random planar maps and Liouville quantum gravity Reithalle
01/12/16 Gaultier Lambert TBA Habesha
08/12/16 Gabriel Berzunza Convergence of multitype Galton-Watson forests to stable forests Bebek
15/12/16 Avelio Sepúlveda Filtrations Enlargements: what you can learn in one week Osteria Da Biagio

Spring Semester 2016

Organisers: Ron Rosenthal, Avelio Sepúlveda

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
25/02/16 Daisuke Shiraishi On Brownian motion, simple paths, and loops Positano
03/03/16 Avelio Sepúlveda GFF: Great, Free, Fun! I La taqueria
10/03/16 Juhan Aru GFF: Great, Free, Fun! II 25 hours hotel restaurant
17/03/16 Quan Shi On fragmentation and growth-fragmentation Tibetasia
07/04/16 Silvia Businger Occupancy scheme of multiplicative cascades Maison Blunt
14/04/16 Benjamin Dadoun GFF: Growth-Fragmentations and Fragmentations Griechische Taverne - Le Beaujolais
21/04/16 Adrien Kassel Active spanning trees -
28/04/16 Mayra Bermúdez GFF: Graphs, First-Passage Percolation and Forests -
12/05/16 Angelo Abächerli Sandpiles, Spanning forests and the Looping constant of Z^d The Butcher
19/05/16 Martina Dal Borgo Fluctuations of sums of random variables -
26/05/16 Emma Hovhannisyan SLE - Some Limit Ensembles Ah-Hua

Autumn Semester 2015

Organisers: Ron Rosenthal, Avelio Sepúlveda

Date Speaker Title Restaurant
24/09/15 Ron Rosenthal First-Passage Percolation: A survey El Luchador
01/10/15 Xinyi Li Well-connectedness of random interlacements A’chi
15/10/15 Cyril Marzouk The uniform measure on Lévy trees Rheinfelder Bierhalle
22/10/15 Yilin Wang On the SLE with small parameter conditioned by one point and the reversibility of the energy functional Ristorante Cooperativo
05/11/15 Gabriel Berzunza Percolation on trees and a population model Le Cèdre
12/11/15 Wei Qian Decomposition of Brownian loop-soup clusters Mimisa
19/11/15 Titus Lupu Reconstructing loop soups from the Gaussian free field Maison Lahmar
26/11/15 Yukun He Local spectral properties of large random matrices Mesob
03/12/15 Robin Stephenson TBA Samses
10/12/15 Vedran Sohinger The nonlinear Schrodinger equation and the Gross-Pitaevskii hierarchy on periodic domains Lola’s restaurant