Manuel Luethi HOMEPAGE

Manuel Luethi (a.k.a. Manuel Lüthi!)

I'm a PhD-student at ETHZ, where I also did my undergraduate studies. My advisor is Manfred Einsiedler. I am a member of the dynamics group at ETHZ.

For the period from October 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 I am visiting the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University enjoying an SNSF Doc.Mobility Fellowship.

For more details, you can find a curriculum vitae here.

Written Papers

Primitive rational points and higher powers on expanding horocycles in the modular surface

Joint with Manfred Einsiedler and Nimish Shah


Effective equidistribution of primitive rational points on expanding horospheres in Hilbert modular surfaces


Kloosterman Sums, Disjointness, and Equidistribution.

Joint with Manfred Einsiedler. In: Ferenczi S., Kułaga-Przymus J., Lemańczyk M. (eds) Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems in their Interactions with Arithmetics and Combinatorics. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol 2213. Springer, Cham

Chapter Book

Miscellaneous notes

A motivated proof of the singular value decomposition

A proof of the singular value decomposition avoiding matrix in order to give a better geometric motivation. A write up of the proof provided in this course on Linear Algebra by Meike Akveld.


A genuinely linear proof of joint diagonalizability

A proof avoiding the minimal polynomial of the fact that a family of commuting, diagonalizable matrices is jointly diagonalizable. A reorganized write up of the sample solution to an exercise posed in this course on Linear Algebra by Meike Akveld.


Bochner's theorem on LCA groups

A discussion of Bochner's theorem for LCA groups. Notes for a lecture given as part of a course on Representation Theory of Lie Groups by Manfred Einsiedler.


Effective equidistribution for circle rotation

A very detailed, elementary write-up of effective equidistribution of the circle rotation for non-Liouville irrationals.