Dr.Meike Akveld


Department of Mathematics
Tel. 044 6323378
CH-8092 Zürich
Email: akveld@math.ethz.ch

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This year's lecture courses:

DBAUG, Analysis: Alte Prüfungen und Lösungen

DMATH und DPHYS, Lineare Algebra: Alte Prüfungen und Lösungen

DITET, komplexe Analysis: Alte Prüfungen und Lösungen

Previous lecture courses

Publications - Books:

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Other professional activities:

Research interest:

  • ETH STACK Webseite and an Interview about STACK at ETH
  • Teaching mathematics (How can we make our students understand?).
  • Die Schnittstelle: Universität - Gymnasium (z.B. Kanon ).
  • Improving 3d-visualisation skills of students using e.g. topology and geometry.
  • Knots, in all sorts of ways.
  • IRT - how to use it for mathematical service courses?
  • Productive failure - a project with DMAVT and Linear Algebra
  • Flipped classroom in big lectures
  • Mathematical competitions, in particular Kangaroo
  • Symplectic geometry and topology (not active).


7th of November, 2023/ Author: Meike Akveld