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D-MATH - ETH Zürich
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich - Switzerland

E-mail: nicolas(dot)matte(at)math(dot)ethz(dot)ch
Office: HG G 68.2
Phone: +41 44 632 3662

About me

Since September 2016 I am an ETH Postdoctoral Fellow at the D-MATH at ETH Zürich, under the mentorship of Marc Burger .

Before that, I did my Ph.D at the DMA at École Normale Supérieure and at Université Paris Sud-Orsay, under the direction of Anna Erschler.

My research focuses on various aspects of infinite groups with an emphasis on interactions with dynamics (topological dynamics, symbolic dynamics, ergodic theory) and on probabilistic aspects.
Topics I have been interested into include: analytic properties of groups such as amenability, random walk on groups and the Poisson boundary, invariant random subgroups and uniformly recurrent subgroups, locally compact totally disconnected groups, group operator algebras, the study of various groups of dynamical origin (topological full groups associated to subshifts and to étale groupoids, groups of interval exchanges, Thompson's groups, groups acting on rooted trees), rigidity of continuous actions on compact spaces, group actions on manifolds.

Here is my CV (last update: March 2019).


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