Martin Nägele

About me

I am a PhD student in the group of Rico Zenklusen at the Institute for Operations Research (IFOR) at ETH Zürich.

My main research interests lie in the development of efficient exact or approximation algorithms for various problems in Combinatorial Optimization. I am particularly fascinated by polyhedral methods in algorithm design, and I like the interaction with related areas such as Combinatorics, Graph Theory, or Algebra.

The origin of my deeper interst into mathematics as a whole dates back to my school days, when I participated in the Austrian Mathematical Olympiad, once qualifying for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Even today, I still enjoy solving competition problems from time to time - just for fun, though.

Besides my enthusiasm for mathematics, I like doing all kinds of sports - with a recent focus on triathlon. Moreover, since my community service in 2011, I am a volunteer in the emergency medical services team of Samariterbund Feldkirch, doing regular night shifts as an emergency paramedic.