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Latsis Symposium 2002 on Iterative Solvers for Large Linear Systems ("CG50--GG70")

In 1952, M. Hestenes and E. Stiefel published their seminal paper ``Methods of conjugate gradients for solving linear systems'' in J. Research Nat. Bur. Standards 49 (1952), 409--436''. This conference, which was held at ETH Zurich February 18-21, 2002, had the purpose to commemorate this event, review the early and later developments, survey the tremendous impact of the CG paper, and discuss current research in the area of Krylov space methods and their preconditioning. Simultaneously, it hosted a celebration of Professor Gene Golub's 70th birthday.

Transcribed remarks, lecture notes, and slides from the presentations of Todd, Hochstrasser, and Bauer

Some pictures of the conference

50 years CG celebration at NIST

Dianne O'Leary's article in the NIST centennial publication A Century of Excellence in Measurements, Standards, and Technology, A Chronicle of Selected NBS/NIST Publications, 1901-2000

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