Drinfeld modules

The Carlitz module

The seminar was held during the winter semester 2015. Its aim was to understand the results of Lenny Taelman on special values of Goss L-functions attached to Drinfeld modules.



Organizational meeting


Class number formula for global fields


Introduction to Drinfeld modules


Goss L-functions I


Goss L-functions II
(notes for both talks: pdf)


Explicit class field theory


Irrationality and transcendence of special values


Class number formula I


Class number formula II


Pasha Solomatin <p.solomatin@math.leidenuniv.nl>
Maxim Mornev <m.mornev@math.leidenuniv.nl>

The organizers of the seminar

Approximate program

Introduction: class number formula for global fields, special values of classical L-functions and their irrationality.

Drinfeld modules and their analytic uniformization.

Goss L-functions.

Explicit class field theory.

Taelman's class number formula.

Irrationality of special values in positive characetristic.

Uniformization via Drinfeld shtukas.


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