Patricia Dietzsch

About me

My name is Patricia Dietzsch and I'm a PhD student in Mathematics at ETH Zürich. My advisor is Prof. Paul Biran.

I'm working in the field of symplectic topology. Some key words in my current research project are: Dehn twist, Seidel triangle, real Lefschetz fibrations and Fukaya categories. Besides this, I'm a big fan of Hofer's metric, expecially of the Lagrangian Hofer metric. There are many interesting open questions related to it. Even though I'm not conducting active research in this area of symplectic topology at the moment, I'm following closely the new developments there.

While I love the beauty of pure mathematics, I'm also interested into more applied mathematics. In order to satisfy this curiosity, I'm following some lectures in finance and insurance. Other than that, I like teaching mathematics at various levels. You find more on my teaching activities under "Other Activities".