Published papers

Textbook chapters

Author on the following chapters of the forthcoming textbook to be published by Oxford University Press.
The disc embedding theorem (based on lectures by Michael H. Freedman),
edited by S. Behrens, B. Kalmár, M. H. Kim, M. Powell, and A. Ray.

  • The Whitehead decomposition (with X. Cui, B. Kalmár, and N. Sunukjian)
  • Shrinking starlike sets (with J. Meier, and A. Ray)
  • Good groups (with M. H. Kim, J. Park, and A. Ray)
  • The s-cobordism theorem, the sphere embedding theorem and the Poincaré conjecture (with M. Powell, and A. Ray.)
  • Surgery theory and the classification of closed, simply connected 4-manifolds (with M. Powell, and A. Ray)
  • Open problems (with M. H. Kim, J. Park, and A. Ray)