Rahul Pandharipande

        Department of Mathematics
        ETH Zürich

            Curriculum Vitae & Bibliography

Research:       Algebraic geometry & related fields

Office:             HG G55,   Postal address

Phone:           +41 44 632 5689


Administration:   Petra Forney (+41 44 632 6135)

Institute for Theoretical Studies

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Information on Junior and Advanced Fellowships at the ITS

ETHZ moduli seminar schedule: Spring 2024, Archive

Intercontinental moduli and algebraic geometry schedule

Wednesday lecture series schedule

A few papers, lectures, notes, links, & an interview

Reflections on moduli space & a lecture on Moduli in Mathematics

Graduate students , post-docs , coauthors

Conference Organization:

      Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Geneva   (23-26 August 2021)

      An afternoon of complete intersections: ETH Zürich   (17 November 2021)

      Pauli lectures 2021 by Villani ETH Zürich, photo   (14-16 December 2021)

      Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Diablerets   (5-10 June 2022)

      Zürich Colloquium: J.-P. Serre,   (20 September 2022)

      Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Diablerets   (4-9 June 2023)

      Hilbert schemes of points: Berlin   (28 September 2023)

      Moduli of curves and abelian varieties: Berlin   (30-31 May 2024)


Recent group hikes:

      Col de Seron again (March 2023)

      ITS hike: Wägitalersee (May 2023)

      Ennetbürgen to Bürgenstock (May 2023)

      Island of tta (May 2023)

      Les Diablerets towards Pierredar (June 2023)

      On the Teufelsberg (July 2023)

      From Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm (August 2023)

      From Buochs to the Buochserhorn (September 2023)

      ITS hike: From Noiraigue to Creux du Van (October 2023)

      Les Diablerets to Les Mazots (January 2024)



              Hurwitz covering: (by H. Fan)

              Sunrise: (by J. Schmitt)

Lisbon: (by Y. Ruan)

New York: (by A. Okounkov)

Pandas: (by J. Schmitt and DALL-E2)

Tree: (by J. Harris)

Past photos starting from my first webpage in 2003