Rahul Pandharipande

        Department of Mathematics

        ETH Zürich

              Curriculum Vitae & Bibliography

Research:       Algebraic geometry & related fields

Office:             HG G55,   Postal address

Phone:           +41 44 632 5689


Secretary:       Dana Steimann (+41 44 632 6135)

Institute for Theoretical Studies

ITS Science Colloquium [Tanja Stadler speaks about Covid-19 and the Sars-CoV-2 genome, article]

Information on Junior and Advanced Fellowships at the ITS

ETHZ moduli seminar schedule: Spring 2020, Archive

Wednesday lecture series schedule

A few papers, lectures, notes, & links

Conference Organization:

      Higher genus workshop: ETH Zürich   (8-12 January 2018)

      Hurwitz cycles on the moduli of curves: Berlin   (1 February 2018)

      Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Schloss Hünigen   (3-7 June 2018)

      Pauli lectures 2018 by Gowers: ETH Zürich   (12-14 December 2018)

      Higher genus invariants from category structures: ETH Zürich   (7-10 January 2019)

      Moduli in Budapest   (4-6 April 2019)

      Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Schloss Hünigen   (5-8 June 2019)

      Beijing - Zürich Moduli Workshop:   (9-12 September 2019)

      Moduli of Higgs bundles: ETH Zürich   (20-23 January 2020)

      Algebraic Geometry and Moduli Zoominar   (Spring/Summer 2020)


A text (with Y.-P. Lee) on semisimple Frobenius manifolds: I, II   (part III to be written)

Graduate students , post-docs , coauthors

      The Great Wall (September 2019)

      ITS hike to llgrotten (September 2019)

      Auf dem Niesen (September 2019)


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Lisbon: , (by Y. Ruan)