Rahul Pandharipande

        Department of Mathematics
        ETH Zürich

            Curriculum Vitae & Bibliography

Research:       Algebraic geometry & related fields

Office:             HG G55,   Postal address

Phone:           +41 44 632 5689


Administration:   Petra Forney (+41 44 632 6135)

Institute for Theoretical Studies

ITS Science Colloquium

Information on Junior and Advanced Fellowships at the ITS

ETHZ moduli seminar schedule: Spring 2024, Archive

Intercontinental moduli and algebraic geometry schedule

Wednesday lecture series schedule

A few papers, lectures, notes, links, & an interview

Reflections on moduli space & a lecture on Moduli in Mathematics

Graduate students , post-docs , coauthors

Conference Organization:

      Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Diablerets   (4-9 June 2023)

      Hilbert schemes of points: Berlin   (28 September 2023)

      Moduli of curves and abelian varieties: Berlin   (30-31 May 2024)


Recent group hikes:

      From Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm (August 2023)

      From Buochs to the Buochserhorn (September 2023)

      ITS hike: From Noiraigue to Creux du Van (October 2023)

      Les Diablerets to Les Mazots (January 2024)

      ITS hike: Felsenegg - Türlersee - Hausen (April 2024)



              Hurwitz covering: (by H. Fan)

              Sunrise: (by J. Schmitt)

Lisbon: (by Y. Ruan)

New York: (by A. Okounkov)

Pandas: (by J. Schmitt and DALL-E2)

Tree: (by J. Harris)

Past photos starting from my first webpage in 2003