Workshop on Pixton's conjectures:

                DR cycles, cohomology relations, and spin curves

                      29 September - 1 October 2014, ETH Zürich

  • Monday 16:00 [HG G19.2]   A. Pixton (Harvard/Clay):
                          A conjectural formula for the double ramification cycle

  • Tuesday 15:15 [HG F26.1] R. Pandharipande (ETHZ)
                          GW theory, K3 surfaces, and Pixton's conjecture

  • Wednesday 14:00 [HG G19.2] D. Zvonkine (CNRS/Jussieu)
                          Givental's R-matrix action and Witten's r-spin class: explicit computations

  • Wednesday 16:00 [HG G19.2] F. Janda (ETHZ)
                          r-spin relations on the moduli of curves: new connections

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