Hilbert schemes of points

              28 September 2023, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


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Room 1.115, Johann von Neumann Haus, Rudower Chaussee 25, 12489 Berlin

10:30-11:45, Alessio Sammartano (Politecnico di Milano)

On the parity conjecture for Hilbert schemes of points on threefolds

The Hilbert scheme of points in affine n-dimensional space, parametrizing zero-dimensional subschemes with a fixed degree, is a fundamental parameter space in algebraic geometry. Quot schemes are a generalization of Hilbert schemes, parametrizing finite length quotients of a locally free sheaf. We will explore some interesting phenomena and problems about these spaces that are special to the three-dimensional case, focusing in particular on the tangent space and on recent progress on the parity conjecture of Okounkov and Pandharipande. Joint work with Ritvik Ramkumar.

13:30-14:45, Joachim Jelisiejew (Warsaw)

Limits of finite Gorenstein subschemes

Finite Gorenstein subschemes in P^n are frequently better behaved than general ones, for example smoothable for n <= 3. However, being Gorenstein is not a closed property and limits of Gorenstein subschemes in the Hilbert scheme are badly behaved. I will propose another moduli space compactification of the locus of (oriented) Gorenstein subschemes and discuss its geometry and many open questions.

15:15-16:30, Martijn Kool (Utrecht)

Hilbert schemes on affine 4-space and the geometry of the Magnificent Four

Hilbert schemes of affine d-space are naturally cut out by sections of vector bundles on (smooth) non-commutative Hilbert schemes. In the special case d = 4, these vector bundles are quadratic and the sections are isotropic. Using the Oh-Thomas localization formula for Donaldson-Thomas type invariants of Calabi-Yau 4-folds, this leads to a weighted count of the torus fixed points of these Hilbert schemes. A conjectural formula for this weighted count was given in the physics literature by Nekrasov-Piazzalunga. The weights associated to the fixed points involve certain signs, which will be the focus of this lecture. Joint work with Jørgen Rennemo.

Organizers:   G. Farkas , R. Pandharipande

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