Algebraic Geometry / Moduli Seminar

Fall 2010

The seminar meets at 3 in Room 3.10. All are welcome. I will occasionally give lectures on various aspects of the algebraic geometry of moduli space when outside speakers arent available.

Schedule of upcoming talks

August 15 C. Faber KTH Stockholm Cohomology of the the moduli space of curves via point counting
September 27 I. Smith Cambridge Quadrics, 3-manifolds and Floer cohomology
October 4 R. Pandharipande Princeton Hilbert schemes I
October 18 A. Pixton Princeton Rationality of the stable pairs vertex
October 25 Y. Cooper Princeton The geometry of stable quotients in genus 1
November 8 A. Bruno Rome III On the automorphism group of M_{0,n}
November 19 R. Pandharipande Princeton Hilbert schemes II
December 6 P. Johnson Imperial Polynomiality and Hurwitz numbers
December 17 A. Marian UIC Verlinde relations in the tautological ring of M_g

The seminar is organized by R. Pandharipande with support from the Gulbenkian Foundation and a Marie Curie Fellowship. The page design is due to P. Belorousski.