Rahul Pandharipande

        Department of Mathematics
        ETH Zürich


    Past conference organization:

                Western algebraic geometry seminar: WAGS   (November 1999)

                Algebraic stacks, intersection theory, and non-abelian Hodge theory: MSRI   (January- May 2002)

                Workshop on Donaldson-Thomas invariants: UIUC   (March 2005)

                Summer institute in algebraic geometry: Seattle'05   (July-August 2005)

                Algebraic geometry & topological strings: IST, Lisbon   (October-November 2005)

                New developments in the geometry and physics of Gromov-Witten theory: MSRI   (May 2006)

                Moduli spaces and combinatorics: BIRS   (July 2006)

                Workshop on enumerative geometry: CRM, Montréal   (June 2007)

                Clay institute workshop on K3 surfaces: CMI   (March 2008)

                Modern moduli: MSRI   (February 2009)

                Wall crossing: UIUC   (May 2010)

                Geometry of sheaves in low dimensions: Ascona   (January 2013),  photo

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Chillon   (17 May 2013)

                Cohomology of the moduli space of curves: ETH Zürich   (10-12 October 2013),  poster photo

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Mercier   (2-3 May 2014)

                Workshop on Pixton's conjectures: ETH Zürich   (29 September - 1 October 2014)

                Motivic invariants related to K3 and abelian geometries: Berlin   (3-6 February 2015)

                50 years of mathematics at the FIM: ETH Zürich   (3-8 June 2015)

                Heinz Hopf symposium: ETH Zürich   (2-3 November 2015)

                Abel in Zürich: ETH Zürich   (20 January 2016)

                Moduli spaces of holomorphic differentials: Berlin   (9-11 February 2016)

                Curves on surfaces and 3-folds: Bernoulli center, EPFL   (20-24 June 2016)

                School on moduli spaces: ICTP, Trieste   (August 2016)

                Moduli of curves, sheaves, and K3 surfaces: Berlin   (8-10 February 2017)

                Cycles and moduli: ETH Zürich   (27-30 March 2017),   poster,   photo

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Thunersee   (5-7 June 2017)

                Open Gromov-Witten theory: ETH Zürich   (17-20 October 2017)

                Higher genus workshop: ETH Zürich   (8-12 January 2018)

                Hurwitz cycles on the moduli of curves: Berlin   (1 February 2018)

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Schloss Hünigen   (3-7 June 2018)

                Pauli lectures 2018 by Gowers: ETH Zürich   (12-14 December 2018)

                Higher genus invariants from category structures: ETH Zürich   (7-10 January 2019)

                Moduli in Budapest   (4-6 April 2019)

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Schloss Hünigen   (5-8 June 2019)

                Beijing - Zürich Moduli Workshop:   (9-12 September 2019)

                Moduli of Higgs bundles: ETH Zürich   (20-23 January 2020)

                Algebraic Geometry and Moduli Zoominar   (Spring/Summer 2020)

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Geneva   (23-26 August 2021)

                An afternoon of complete intersections: ETH Zürich   (17 November 2021)

                Pauli lectures 2021 by Villani ETH Zürich, photo   (14-16 December 2021)

                Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Diablerets   (5-10 June 2022)

                Zürich Colloquium: J.-P. Serre,   (20 September 2022)