Past group hikes:

        Climbing the Rigi from Arth-Goldau (September 2016)

        Around the Walensee (March 2017)

        Near Stansstaad (May 2017)

        To the Dreibündenstein (September 2017)

        Climbing the Wildspitz (November 2017)

        To the Schnebelhorn (April 2018)

        Zum Grossen Mythen (June 2018)

        Rio: Ipanema -> Jardim Botanico -> Vista Chinesa (August 2018)

        Piziol 5 Seen (September 2018)

        To Rapperswil (March 2019)

        Climbing the Rigi from Weggis and Scheidegg (June 2019)

        Zum Murgensee (August 2019)

        The Great Wall (September 2019)

        ITS hike to llgrotten (September 2019)

        Auf dem Niesen (September 2019)

        To Hinterrugg (September 2020)

        ITS hike to Rigi Scheidegg (September 2020)

        To Rigi Kulm (October 2020)

        ITS hike to Stöcklichrüz (May 2021)

        From to Brülisau to Hoher Kasten (June 2021)

        To the top of Mont Salève (August 2021)

        Malbun -> Augstenberg -> Pfälzertte (September 2021)

        Around the Greifensee (September 2021)

        ITS hike on the Flumserberg (October 2021)

        ITS hike along the Walensee (March 2022)

        Leysin to Solacyre (March 2022)

        Leysin to La Berneuse (March 2022)

        On the richberg (April 2022)

        Thun -> Sigriswil Bridge -> Merlingen (April 2022)

        Les Diablerets to Col de Seron (June 2022)

        To the Rigi Kulm (June 2022)

        ITS hike: gern ridge to Baden (October 2022)

        Wannsee to Glienicke (November 2022)

        Col de Seron again (March 2023)

        ITS hike: Wägitalersee (May 2023)

        Ennetbürgen to Bürgenstock (May 2023)

        Island of tta (May 2023)

        Les Diablerets towards Pierredar (June 2023)

        On the Teufelsberg (July 2023)