Geometry, Representation theory, and Moduli Seminar

Spring 2006

The seminar meets Wednesdays at 3 pm in 214 Fine Hall. All are welcome.

Schedule of upcoming talks

February 15 R. Cavalieri Michigan Hurwitz numbers, admissible covers, and local GW theory
February 22 A. Zinger Stony Brook A desingularization of the moduli space of stable genus-1 maps
March 1 C. Woodward Rutgers Lagrangian correspondences in monotone Floer theory and (2+1+1)-d TQFT
March 8 A. Oblomkov IAS/Princeton Introduction to double affine Hecke algebras
March 15 R. Pandharipande Princeton Algebraic cobordism
Spring break
March 29 K. Costello Chicago The B model partition function and the holomorphic anomaly equation.
April 5 M. Usher Princeton Lefschetz fibrations and pseudoholomorphic curves
April 12 A. Marian Yale A rank-level duality for moduli spaces of bundles on a curve
April 19 M. Wijnholt Princeton Quivers and singularities
May 3 A. Braverman Brown Geometric Langlands correspondence and the Hitchin system:
from quantization to reduction mod p

The seminar is organized by A. Okounkov and R. Pandharipande. The page design is due to P. Belorousski.