Geometry, Representation theory, and Moduli Seminar

Spring 2010

The seminar meets Mondays at 4:30 pm in 314 Fine Hall. All are welcome.

Schedule of upcoming talks

January 25 Y. Tzeng Stanford Universal formulas for counting nodal curves on surfaces
February 1 K. Tucker Michigan On the behavior of the test ideal under separable finite morphisms
February 22 S. Sierra Princeton Point schemes and point stacks of noncommutative graded algebra
March 1 B. Bakker Princeton Hodge polynomials of moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 surfaces
March 8 D. Gaiotto IAS Mathematical structures in N=2 gauge theory
March 22 Y. Berest Cornell Calogero-Moser spaces over algebraic curves
April 5 Y. Ruan Michigan Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau correspondence
April 12 Y. Tachikawa IAS Instantons and W-algebras
April 19 G. Bellamy Edinburgh Cuspidal representations for rational Cherednik algebras
April 26 D. Maulik MIT Relative Kai

The seminar is organized by A. Okounkov and R. Pandharipande. The page design is due to P. Belorousski.