Topics in Regression

This page contains a pair of R packages that implements functions for efficient regression model development.


R Packages plgrahics and regr

plgraphics: Graphical tools for efficient and flexible plotting. A version is available from R-forge. Use
install.packages("plgraphics", repos="")
regr: The most important function performs fitting of many diverse regression models and organizes the output in a unified and useful way.
For some unclear reason, it is not available at R-forge for the time being. It can be loaded from below.
See also the package's website

The ideas behind these packages are described in the document "The R-Function regr and Package regr0 for an Augmented Regression Analysis"

In case that installing the packages should not work, here is the linux version of plgraphics and of regr,
which you can download and install or install directly by writing
and analogously for plgraphics.

For windows, plgraphics is available both on R-forge and here.
The regr package is here

R Package lassogrp

A preliminary version of a package for the lasso model selection procedure is also available from R-forge. Use
install.packages("lassogrp", repos="", lib=...)
see also the package's website

In case that installing the package should not work, here is the source code, which you can download and source into your workspace by calling   source("").


Regression Model Development and Yet Another Regression Function.
Talk given at the useR 2008 conference, Dortmund, Aug 13, 2008
Abstract / Slides