Frühlingssemester 2020
Kannan Soundararajan
(Stanford University/ETH-ITS)
The value distribution of L-functions and multiplicative number theory


The broad theme for the lecture series is the value distribution of zeta and L-functions. This is related to several important questions concerning

(i) the maximal size of L-functions,
(ii) asymptotics for moments of L-values,
(iii) the distribution of zeros, and non-vanishing of L-functions at special points.

Further, some of the techniques used in the study of moments have close counterparts in the understanding other problems in multiplicative number theory --- for instance, the recent results of Harper on random multiplicative functions, and the break­throughs of Matomaki and Radziwill on multiplicative functions in short intervals. Much of this work has a strong probabilistic flavor, and in particular we shall discuss connections with random matrix theory, branching Brownian motion, etc.

Time:              Thursdays 10:15-12:00;
Auditorium:   HG G 43
Begins:          Thursday, February 27

M. Struwe