Phase retrieval refers to the problem of recovering some signal (which is often modelled as an element of a Hilbert space) from phaseless measurements. It has been shown that in the deterministic setting phase retrieval from frame coefficients is always unstable in infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces [7] and possibly severely ill-conditioned in finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces [7].
Recently, it has also been shown that phase retrieval from measurements induced by the Gabor transform with Gaussian window function is stable under a more relaxed semi-global phase recovery regime based on atoll functions [1].
In finite dimensions, we present first evidence that this semi-global reconstruction regime allows one to do phase retrieval from measurements of bandlimited signals induced by the discrete Gabor transform in such a way that the corresponding stability constant only scales like a low order polynomial in the space dimension. To this end, we utilise reconstruction formulae which have become common tools in recent years [6,13,19,21].