Xenia Flamm

ETH Zürich
Department of Mathematics
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich, Switzerland

Office: HG GO 68.2
Email: xenia.flamm(you know the symbol)math.ethz.ch
A friendly face
I am a PhD student at ETH under the supervision of Marc Burger. Before coming to ETH, I completed my master's studies at the University of Bonn. My master's thesis Homology of Finite Covers of Graphs was supervised by Sebastian Hensel. My bachelor's thesis Invariants of Quiver Representations was supervised by Catharina Stroppel.

Research interests

I am interested in differential geometry, Lie theory and Teichmüller theory. In particular, I like to think about discrete subgroups of Lie groups, for example of SL(n,ℝ).

If you want to learn more about what I am doing, you can listen to the talks (Part I and Part II) that I gave at the NCNGT conference 2021.




Are you interested in Geometry, Topology and Groups? Check out the Geometry Graduate Colloquium at ETH!

Unfortunately, the Young Researcher's Workshop on Positivity in Lie Groups has been cancelled. If you are interested in the topic, send me an email (there might be a remake in 2022).

Last updated September 2021