Prof. Dr. Afonso Bandeira
Professur fur Mathematik
HG G 23.1
Ramistrasse 101
8092 Zurich

Afonso S. Bandeira

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  • The best way to contact me for non-urgent matters is email: bandeira [at] math [dot] ethz [dot] ch
  • Due to volume, unfortunately, I cannot address most emails within the same day I receive them, if something requires my urgent attention please contact Annette Ryter (contact information), who can reach me. You can also try my office or phone (see here) or indicate that the message is urgent on the subject line.
  • While I try to address every email message within a week, due to volume, I unfortunately not always succeed. If you have written me, it has been over a week, and the subject still requires my attention, please write me again, and apologies in advance.
  • I sometimes only find time to send, or reply to, messages off-hours. Apologies in advance, and please kindly ignore my message until it is convenient to read it.

For Students: I try to hold regular office hours, see the calendar here. You can find the zoom link in the forum, or email me for it. If you are interested in doing a semester paper or thesis take a look at this page.