Dr. Andreas Steiger

I am a lecturer and also the mobility advisor and student counselor for D-MATH.

I am available for consultation on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Please send me a request via e-mail stating your questions and some time slots. This helps me to schedule easier and also to prepare helpful answers.

Postal address

Dep. Mathematik
ETH Zürich, HG G 33.2
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich

Contact information

E-Mail: firstname dot surname at math dot ethz dot ch
Phone: +41 44 633 8952
Office: HG G 33.2


I graduated from ETH with a PhD in analytic number theory. Under supervision of Emmanuel Kowalski I proved results in the realm of families of cusp forms and L-functions.


Spring term 2017: Analysis II for D-MATL/MAVT
Fall term 2016: Analysis I for D-MATL/MAVT
Spring term 2016: Unterhaltungsmathematik: Auf den Spuren von Erdös, Gardner & Co. for D-MATH
Fall term 2015: Lineare Algebra for D-INFK

Other activities

In 2011 we founded the scientific staff association at D-MATH, VMM, short for "Verein des akademischen Mittelbaus am D-MATH". I've been on the board until my PhD graduation and I also was president for 1.5 years.
From January 2012 until May 2014 I was a member of Lehrkommission.
Me, just after my PhD examination
A picture of me, taken just after my PhD examination and a hair cut.

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