Dr. Andreas Steiger

Dr. Andreas Steiger

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ETH Zurich Dr. Andreas Steiger Department of Mathematics Mathematics education HG G 33.2 Rämistrasse 101 8092 Zurich Switzerland

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+41 44 633 8952 https://people.math.ethz.ch/~asteiger

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Before contacting me, please check if your question might be answered already on some of our websites, for example at the Student portal or in our handy and extensive Study guides (Bachelor Mathematik, Master Mathematics), or on the Student Exchange websites.

Any question can be asked via e-mail first. Please describe what you want to know as precisely as possible, so that I can answer effectively. For more complicated questions about regulations which require specific context knowledge (e.g. about your study situation) or if you need advice on courses etc, we can absolutely meet!

My regular office hours during the semester are on Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 - 11:30 and 13:00 - 14:00. You can book an appointment above, or you can also just drop by. If there are no Doodle slots available during one of these hours, it's very likely that I'm not available, either because someone else already did a booking or since I have another appointment elsewhere and blocked the slot myself.