Francesco Fournier-Facio

Francesco Fournier-Facio

About me

I am a PhD student at ETH under the supervision of Alessandra Iozzi.

I completed my Masters at ETH in February 2020, and before that I did my Bachelors at EPFL.

I am interested in group theory, especially in geometric, analytic and combinatorial aspects. My main research topic is bounded cohomology of groups, and its connections to other subjects such as amenability, one-dimensional dynamics, totally disconnected locally compact groups, metric approximations of groups and their stability.

I am graduating!

I will defend my thesis on September 22nd 2023. On October 1st I will start a three-year fellowship at University of Cambridge, where I will be in the group of Henry Wilton.


Please cite me as "Fournier-Facio", "Fournier Facio" or "Fournier", but NOT as "Facio": that is my second last name.


Here is my CV (last updated September 2023).