Georg Anegg

About me

I am a final-year PhD student in the group of Rico Zenklusen at the Institute for Operations Research (IFOR) at ETH Zürich.

From Feb 2022 to Oct 2022, I am interning at the Huawei Research Center Zurich in the Future Computing Laboratory.

I am broadly interested in designing approximation algorithms for various Combinatorial Optimization problems, in particular clustering problems.

Before starting my PhD, I was the Head Tutor/Teaching Assistant at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa, for two years and I continue to be involved with academic outreach and partnership efforts in Africa like this one and this one. Before that, I graduated with an MMath and BA from the University of Cambridge in 2016.

I have reviewed/subreviewed for the following conferences and journals: IPCO, Random Structures and Algorithms, Mathematical Programming.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.