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Student Projects

If you are interested in doing your Bachelor's thesis, semester paper, or Master's thesis in a topic related to Mathematical Optimization, please see here and feel free to get in touch with me.

Student projects I have (co-)supervised at ETH:

  • Algorithms for post enrollment exam scheduling, Chengwenjian Chang (Master's Thesis HS22, co-supervised with Laura Vargas Koch)
  • Explainable k-median Clustering, Esmee Huijten (Semester Paper HS21), GitHub
  • Colorful k-Center Algorithms, Ari Jordan (Semester Paper FS21), GitHub
  • Computation Approaches to the Asymmetric Traveling Salesperson Problem, Deng Yu (Master's Thesis HS20), GitLab
  • The Lower-Left-Anchored Rectangle Packing Problem, Maelys Lerat (Semester Paper FS20, co-supervised with Federica Cecchetto), GitLab
  • Utilization Maximization in Fleet Planning Problems, Tom Häring (Semester Paper HS19)
  • A k-1 approximation for k-dimensional b-matching, Lucas Bettua (Semester Paper FS19)