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Prof. J. Waldvogel
Prof. Jörg Waldvogel

Seminar for Applied Mathematics
8092 Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41-44-632-3460
Room: LEO D3
Secretary: +41-44-632-5615

Curriculum Vitae (3 pages)
Becoming a Mathematician (in German, 10 pages)
List of References (4 pages)

Active projects and presentations

2016: Winkelfunktionen, Differenzen und Logarithmen
2011: The Symmetric Four-Body Problem
2008: Die alltägliche Relevanz der Mathematik
2007: Wieviele Gleichungen braucht der Mensch?
2007: Von Euklid zum RSA-Coding
2006: Computing Integrals of Analytic Functions to High Precision
2006: Teaching Mathematics to Engineering Students at ETH
2001: Finding Clusters of Primes

Selected papers and books

2009: Analytic Continuation of the Theodorus Spiral
2008: Quaternions for Regularizing Celestial Mechanics - the Right Way
2007: Fundamentals of Regularization Theory in Celestial Mechanics and Linear Perturbation Theories
2006: The Feet of the Altitudes of a Simplex
2006: Fast Construction of the Fejér and Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature Rules
2004: The SIAM 100-Digit Challenge
2003: Order and Chaos in Satellite Encounters
1999: Computing the Hilbert Transform of the Generalized Laguerre and Hermite Weight Functions
1999: Functional Equations Related to the Iteration of Functions
1998: Der A-te Geburtstag
1994: Wettbewerb

Miscellaneous non-mathematical texts

2000: Der Jahrtausendwechsel
1999: The Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999
1997: Mutteristock (in English)
1996: Allalinhorn (by Denise Snow)
1996: Dom (by Denise Snow)
1996: Long's Peak (by Denise Snow)
1995: Vorderglärnisch (in English)
1994: Piz Quattervals (in English)
1990: Von Luchsingen über die Zeinenfurggel