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Geometric and Analytic Number Theory

ETH Zürich
September 12 to 15, 2016

V. Blomer
Universität Göttingen

J. Brüdern
Universität Göttingen

E. Kowalski
ETH Zürich

P. Michel
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

In the context of the DFG-SNF Lead Agency Program Grant 200021L_153647, we organize a small meeting to present and discuss the results and ideas of the participants of this project and of some colleagues and collaborators.
There will be a small number of talks and ample time for discussion.
Room: ETH, ML J 34.1. This building is located just next to the main building, accross Tannenstrasse, where the tramway stop in the direction of Central is found; this web page has a link to a map and further information.

Participants / speakers (preliminary list)

P. Bengochea ETH Zürich "Badly approximable points on manifolds and Schmidt's game"
V. Blomer Göttingen
D. Bonolis ETH Zürich
J. Brüdern Göttingen
U. Derenthal Hannover "Manin's conjecture for some spherical threefolds"
G. Harcos Rényi Institute "The sup-norm problem for GL(2) over number fields"
Y. Hu ETH Zürich "Size of local factors and subconvexity for the Rankin-Selberg L-function in level aspect"
V. Kala Göttingen
E. Kowalski ETH Zürich
Ph. Michel EPF Lausanne
P. Nelson ETH Zürich "Averaging over newforms"
R. Nunes EPF Lausanne "Squarefree numbers in large arithmetic progressions"
I. Petrow EPF Lausanne "Counting automorphic forms on tori"
C. Perret ETH Zürich "Gaussian distribution of short sums of trace functions over finite fields"
A. Peyrot EPF Lausanne
A. Saha Bristol "On the order of vanishing of newforms at cusps"
W. Sawin ETH Zürich "The slice rank method in additive combinatorics"
B. Topacogullari Göttingen
F. Veneziano Universität Basel TBA
E. Viada ETH Zürich "Rational points on some families of curves"
L. Walling Bristol
T. Wooley Bristol "Subconvexity in certain Diophantine problems via the circle method"
R. Zacharias EPF Lausanne

The preliminary program is available here

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