Lukas Lewark


2022 – 2023: Second advisor for the PhD thesis of Paula Truöl (ETH Zürich).

2022: Master thesis Implementing the Sarkar-Wang nicefication algorithm for Heegaard diagrams by Ludovico Morellato (Regensburg). Joint supervision with Claudius Zibrowius.

2019 – 2023: PhD thesis of Damian Iltgen (Regensburg).

2021: Master thesis Determining the Seifert genus via the Heegaard Floer tangle invariant HFT by Benedikt Aubeck (Regensburg). Joint supervision with Claudius Zibrowius.

2020: Master thesis Khovanov homology and the unknotting number by Laura Marino (Regensburg).

2019: Master thesis On the Slice Genus of Twist Knots by Damian Iltgen (Bern).

2018: Bachelor thesis A Different Approach to Alternating Knots by Nafie Tairi (Bern).

2017: Bachelor thesis Small Cancellation Theory by Claire Gürtler (Bern).

2016: Bachelor thesis Verbotene Minoren von partiellen 3-Bäumen (Forbidden minors of partial 3-trees) by Marc Trautmann (Bern).

Lectures and courses

At ETH Zürich

2024 (fall): Lecture Grundlagen der Mathematik I (Analysis A) for Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

2024 (fall): Lecture Analysis II for Computer Science.

2024 (spring): Lecture Algebraic Topology II.

2023 (fall): Lecture Mathematik I for Earth and Climate Sciences, Food Science, Agricultural Sciences, and Environmental Sciences (co-taught with Ana Cannas).

2023 (fall): Lecture Analysis II for Computer Science.

At Regensburg University

2020/21 (winter): Lecture Analysis III for Physics (webpage accessible for guests).

2019/20 (winter): Lecture Knot Theory (webpage accessible for guests).

At Bern University

2018 (fall): Lecture Algebraic Topology.

2017 (fall): Lecture Mathematik für Biologie.

2017 (spring): Seminar Quadratic Forms in Topology.

2016 (spring): Lecture Topology.

2015 (spring): Lecture Graph Theory.

At Paris Diderot

2013 (spring): Lecture MM2 (Linear Algebra and Analysis for first-year mathematics students).

Exercise sessions

2018 (spring) at Bern University: Tutor for Low Dimensional Topology.

2016 (fall) at Bern University: Tutor for Mathematik I für Naturwissenschaften.

2015 (fall) at Bern University: Tutor for Representation Theory of Lie Algebras and for Mathematik I für Naturwissenschaften.

2014 (fall) at Bern University: Tutor for Linear Algebra I.

2011 and 2012 at Paris Diderot: Tutor for Elementary Algebra and Analysis II for first-year informatics students.

2006 – 2009 at the ETHZ: Tutor for Linear Algebra I and II (first-year students), Complex Analysis, Topology and Algebra I (second-year students).

Further teaching

2020 at Regensburg University: Reading course on Khovanov homology.

2016, 2017, 2018 (summer) at Bern University: Einführungskurs (Introductory mathematics course, for first-year students before the begin of their studies).

Last update: 22 July 2024.