Get to know my work!
Liora Rueff

About me

I am in my second year of my PhD studies at ETH Zurich in the Seminar for Applied Mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Habib Ammari.

With my research I want to achieve better understanding of wave propagation through so-called metamaterials in the subwavelength regime.
Besides my research I am the group organiser (head assistant) of the Seminar for Applied Mathematics for the year 2024. I manage the teaching duties of a group of around 30 PhD students and Postdocs, hire student assistants and organise PhD application talks. I am the point of contact for the department and other groups at D-MATH.

I am also a board member of the Association of the Academic Mid-level Faculty (VMM) at ETH. I am involved in the organisation of many social activities for PhD students and Postdocs at D-MATH and I am responsible for the development and maintenance of VMM's homepage. Moreover, in my role as PhD representative in the department's communication commission I take an active role in the decision-making process at D-MATH regarding events and communication matters.

Below you find a short summary of my CV and here you can find my detailed CV.


Since 2022: PhD in Applied Mathematics, ETH Zurich
2021-2022: MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, University of Oxford
2018-2021: BSc in Mathematics, University of Zurich

Work Experience

Since 2022: Doctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich
2020-2021: Teaching Assistant, I-MATH UZH
2019-2021: Web-Application Developer, MNF UZH
Summer 2021: Research Intern, Euler Institute USI

Voluntary Work

Since 2023: Board Member of the Association of the Academic Mid-level Faculty (VMM)
2014-2022: Participant of the Project “Likrat” combatting racism and antisemitism
2019-2021: Board Member of the Student Association of Mathematics (FVM)

Other Interests

When I am not working, I like to play the violin, cook and bake and spend time in the Swiss Alps, either skiing in winter or hiking in summer.
Some topics besides Mathematics that I am passionate about are Geology and creating equal opportunities in academia and STEM degree programmes, especially motivating girls and young women to pursue a STEM degree if they are interested.


In my research I aim to develop a rigorous mathematical understanding of wave propagation through so-called metamaterials. I combine mathematical modelling and theoretical physics to get a complete picture of the setup. I then use techniques known from numerics and applied functional analysis to solve and analyse the emerging equations.
I am always happy to discuss potential collaborations and receive feedback and comments on my work! Contact me via

Published Papers and Preprints:

Conferences and Summer Schools:


As part of my PhD Studies at ETH, I also have some teaching duties. Below you find a list with all of my teaching experience at ETH Zurich and at UZH.

Teaching Experience at ETH Zurich:

  • 2024: Group Organiser (managing teaching duties and hiring student assistants)
  • Spring 2024: Numerical Methods for Physics and Electrical Engineering (course co-coordinator)
  • Spring 2023: Numerical Methods for Electrical Engineering (course coordinator)

Teaching Experience at the University of Zurich:

  • Fall 2021: Analysis for Natural Sciences (maintenance of the online question forum)
  • Spring 2021: Numerics I (weekly correction of problem sheets and exam correction)
  • Spring 2021: Stochastics for Natural Sciences (teaching weekly classes and weekly correction of problem sheets)
  • Fall 2020: Analysis for Natural Sciences (weekly correction of problem sheets)


You can contact me via email at or find me in my office in the ETH main building in G 53.2.