Undergraduate Research

About my research as a student.

As the title already indicates, this documents are results of my work as an undergraduate student. Therefore, they can and probably do contain errors and are not of publishing standard.

Master thesis

This is the thesis I wrote under the supervision of Prof. W. Merry at the end of my undergraduate studies at ETH.

"Symplectic Invariants of Magnetic Cotangent Bundles", with W. Merry. 2022.

Bachelor thesis

This is the thesis I wrote under the guidance of Dr. Steven Sivek during my stay at Imperial College London.

"Leray-Serre Spectral Sequences - A Morse homological approach", with S. Sivek. 2020.

High School degree project

This is my work on the two particle quantum correlation. I competed with this work at the Nationalen Wettbewerb organised by Schweizer Jugend forscht and at the Intel [at that time] International Science and Engineering Fair 2017.

The english version is "Spooky actions at a distance ", with C. Ferrari. 2017.
The original italian version here: "Sinistre azioni a distanza", with C. Ferrari. 2017.