Selected invited talks

  • Bourbaki Seminar - Paris, 1999
    Ginzburg Landau Vortices - The static Model
  • International Congress of Mathematicians, invited speaker - Beijing, 2002
    Bubbling, quantization and regularity issues in geometric non-linear analysis
  • Plenary speaker at the Deutsche Mathematische Vereinigung, Jahrestagung - München, 2010
    Conservation laws and Noether‘s Theorem in the absence of Symmetry
  • Plenary speaker at the "Rivière-Fabes Symposium" - Minneapolis, 2010
    A PDE version of the constant variation method
  • Bourbaki Seminar - Paris, 2014
    Méthodes de min-max et la conjecture de Willmore, d'après F.C. Marques et A.A. Neves
  • Abel Prize Lecture in honour of Louis Nirenberg - Oslo, May 2015 at the occasion of the Abel Prize award.

    Exploring the unknown: the work of Louis Nirenberg in Partial Differential Equations

  • Invited speaker at the 7th European Congress of Mathematics - Berlin, 2016
    How much does it cost to evert the sphere?
  • Invited Speaker at the Heinz Hopf Symposium in Honor of Rick Schoen - Zürich, 2017
    The Cost of the Sphere Eversion and the 16 $\pi$ Conjecture
  • Bourbaki Seminar - Paris, 2019
    Infinité d’hypersurfaces minimales en basses dimensions, d'après F.C. Marques, A.A. Neves et A. Song www
  • Abel Symposium 2023 Bårdshaug- Herregård Norway.