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Mario V. Wüthrich is Professor for Actuarial Science in the Department of Mathematics at ETH Zurich.

#StayHome - Actuarial Seminar:
▸  2020-04-19: Discrimination-Free Insurance Pricing (53min)
▸  2020-04-25: From Generalized Linear Models to Neural Networks, and Back (85min)
▸  2020-05-02: The Balance Property for Insurance Pricing (85min)
▸  2020-05-09: Telematics Car Driving Data (92min)
▸  2020-05-16: Boosting Classical Actuarial GLMs with Telematics (68min)
▸  2020-05-23: Lee and Carter go Deep Learning (91min)
▸  final #StayHome - Actuarial Seminar: The Claims Reserving Problem (111min)




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▸ Upcoming Lectures in Actuarial Sciences
ETH Zurich

▸ Talks in Financial and Insurance Mathematics
ETH Zurich
Thursdays, online
▸ One World Actuarial Research Seminar OWARS
twice a month
▸ Insurance Data Science Conference - Africa
▸ Insurance Data Science Conference
Cass Business School, London
▸ Annual Meeting of the Swiss Association of Actuaries
St. Gallen - virtual
August 28, 2020
▸ ETH Risk Day
ETH Zurich - virtual
September 11, 2020
▸ ASTIN and AFIR-ERM Colloquium
Orlando Florida
May 25-28, 2021
▸ International Congress of Actuaries
April 4-8, 2022