Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry

ICM sectional workshop, ETH Zürich, July 11th–14th 2022


In order not to miss out on the human interactions that are paramount in mathematics, we are organizing an in-person workshop at ETH Zürich to cover sections 3 (Number Theory) and 4 (Algebraic and Complex Geometry) of the 2022 International Congress of Mathematicians.

The event will take place over 4 days, July 11th to 14th. It will feature in-person talks from as many as possible of the ICM speakers from these sections. Talks given in Zurich will be simultaneously live-streamed to the remainder of the ICM audience as they are given; conversely, talks by speakers from these sections who cannot attend will be screened in the Zurich auditorium.

Organisers: Bruno Klingler (HU Berlin) – Emmanuel Kowalski (ETH Zürich) – David Loeffler (Warwick) – Sarah Zerbes (ETH Zürich). 

We are grateful for the financial support of the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik, the Institute for Theoretical Studies and the Department of Mathematics at ETH Zürich.

Speakers (so far)


  • Bhargav Bhatt (tbc)
  • Alexander Kuznetsov (tbc)
  • Kannan Soundararajan


Algebraic and complex geometry

  • Aravind Asok
  • Arend Bayer
  • Barbara Fantechi
  • Jean Fasel
  • Ofer Gabber
  • Neena Gupta
  • Tamas Hausel
  • Bruno Klingler
  • Chi Li
  • Emanuele Macrì
  • Aaron Pixton

Number theory

  • Samit Dasgupta
  • Alex Gamburd
  • Philipp Habegger
  • Atsushi Ichino
  • Mahesh Kakde
  • Dimitris Koukoulopoulos
  • David Loeffler
  • Lillian Pierce
  • Melanie Matchett Wood
  • Ye Tian
  • Sarah Zerbes

Registered participants

A list of the registered participants will be published at the beginning of June. The list displayed here previously only included registrations up to April 30.


Registration with application for funding is now closed. Registration for attending the conference without financial support is possible until May 31, 2022. To register click on this link.

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